our IB-graduates

On October 12, 2015 our IB-graduates from the IB course of 2013-2015 were present for their graduation ceremony. During the ceremony, Mr. Stijn Simkens, the students’ former IB teacher, took the students and their guests through a brief overview of the course they had participated in, showing the relevance of all the literary works that they’d studied together. After this, there was a surprise guest speaker: Mr. Brad Philpot, the author of the book “Language and Literature” that is used regularly in the IB course. This book is known and refered to by students and teachers as “Philpot”, so it was an honour to have Mr. Philpot himself be present at the graduation. After the speeches all students received their IB certificate and a present to congratulate them with succeeding in this challenging programme.

We congratulate our new IB-graduates on their certificate, and wish them all the best of luck in their further studies: Joren Vrancken, Isabelle van Dorp, Niels van den Berg, Fabian Beitsma, Jos Feenstra, Merijn de Kruijf and Chessin Zwinkels.

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