Bilingual vwo

Wolfert Bilingual offers vwo-students special exam courses such as Spanish, Chinese, philosophy and mathematics D.

At Wolfert Bilingual, students discuss political discourse during their classes. Furthermore, Wolfert Bilingual offers a continuous and transcendental trajectory in which political awareness and student participation is key. For example, our vwo-students take part in the Model United Nations (MUN) on a national and international level. For this reason, debating plays a central role in the students’ education.

All bilingual vwo-students take part in the Global Politics exam and the International Baccalaureate (IB) English Certificate, as organised by the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO). Through this exam, students are taught to think critically, to write papers and to compare texts. Vwo-students do not only obtain their bilingual vwo-diploma, but internationally recognised certificates too.

Furthermore, all bilingual vwo-students participate in a diverse international programme. In vwo-2, the students travel to Bath (England). In vwo-3, all students take part in an exchange programme with students from Germany.

Students from vwo-4 travel to Dublin, where they follow classes in a local secondary school. Futhermore, the students will be introduced to the Irish culture and everyday life.

During the pre-final year, students will participate in the international social internship (iMas). Through this internship they will actively contribute to society by doing volunteer work. The students can choose from a variety of destinations, such as Macedonia, Bosnia, Romania, India and Indonesia.

Pre-academic programme

Wolfert Bilingual offers a challenging curriculum for all vwo-students. This curriculum contains countless extra’s and guest lectures. Wolfert Bilingual offers a pre-academic programme to students in smaller groups.

Wolfert Bilingual participates in the pre-university college (PRE) programme from Leiden University. Approximately four motivated and ambitious students attend lectures at the university.

Furthermore, Wolfert Bilingual collaborates with Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Daarnaast biedt Wolfert Tweetalig, in samenwerking met Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam, enkele leerlingen deelname aan Junior Med School (JMS). In vwo-5 en vwo-6 gaan één tot twee zeer gemotiveerde leerlingen, met de ambitie artsonderzoeker te worden, meedraaien in een onderwijstraject op de medische faculteit. Zij zouden vervolgens direct geplaatst kunnen worden voor de studie geneeskunde.

In samenwerking met Technische Universiteit (TU) Delft, heeft Wolfert Tweetalig het project Junior TU Delft ontwikkeld. Een groep zeer gemotiveerde leerlingen krijgt 10 middagen een voorproefje van technische studies aan de TU Delft.