Inclusive education

In accordance with the Dutch Inclusive Education Act, Wolfert Bilingual has a duty of care. This means that Wolfert Bilingual is responsible for ensuring that students who require additional support are offered a suitable place of learning.

Wolfert Bilingual teaching staff are professional and highly experienced. Nevertheless there may be reasons why the school decides not to accept a student. If a student has issues (cognitive, didactic or socio-emotional) liable to constitute a risk for the student’s development and career within the school, and the Wolfert Bilingual care programme is unable to provide the support required, the admissions board reserves the right to direct the student to a different form of education.


If a student has a problem that cannot be solved by a teacher or mentor, help can also be sought from the school counsellor. The counsellor can provide support with matters such as learning problems, psycho-social problems or bereavement.

Where necessary a student can also be referred to external help. The school care plan gives a more detailed description of the educational care provided by Wolfert Bilingual.

Mr Jorrick Schut is the counsellors for Wolfert Bilingual. He can be contacted at:

Safety at school

Dutch legislation governing safety in schools requires every school to have a plan setting out its policy on the social and physical safety of both students and personnel.

For Wolfert Bilingual, ensuring a safe school environment is a high priority. It is, of course, only possible to learn or work to the best of one’s ability in an environment where everyone – students and  staff – feels comfortable. There are good reasons why the sense of safety scores highly in both student and staff user satisfaction surveys, and we are very proud of this.