Multimedia library

Book loans renewed until April 6

Wolfert Bilingual has a splendid and well-stocked multimedia library, with regular new arrivals. There is a silent space, a large reading table with a whole host of international magazines and newspapers and a comfortable sofa where you can settle down and lose yourself in a good book.

Aura online catalogue app

The Aura online catalogue on your smartphone or tablet gives access to the library catalogue at any time and from anywhere. This handy app allows you to check your current and past loans, to see whether you have any fines outstanding and also to find items quickly in the catalogue and reserve them. With a single click you can extend the loan period for items out on loan. You also get a message when your reserved item is ready to be collected.

Download the instructions for Android and for iPhone/iPad.


Books can be borrowed for 3 weeks; films on DVD for 1 week. Borrowers may have a maximum of 5 items on loan at once (but only 1 film at a time).

Returning an item late will incur a fine. The fines are as follows:

  • Each book: € 0.05
  • DVD: € 0.25
  • Calculator: € 0.50
  • Graphic calculator: € 1.00
  • Compasses: € 0.50
  • Set square: € 0.50

Weekends and holidays are not included when calculating loan periods. Students with overdue items receive a reminder in both Google forms and Aura. If an item is lost or damaged the student will be liable for additional charges.



  1. Log in op het kopieerapparaat door je schoolpas op de lezer te houden.
  2. Open de klep.
  3. Leg het document met de tekst of afbeelding naar beneden op de glasplaat.
  4. Plaats je origineel in de linkerbovenhoek.
  5. Sluit de klep.
  6. Druk op de groene knop om het kopiëren te starten.