All dates and procedures for school year 2022-2023 will be published shortly.


To apply for Wolfert Tweetalig, a student must have a positive recommendation for bilingual havo or vwo from the primary school; this process complies with the placement guide (OverstapRoute). In addition there is a compulsory admissions procedure, consisting of an entrance test and an interview.

Priority rules

Priority is given to students applying to Wolfert Bilingual who are:

  • siblings of students currently at Wolfert Bilingual, provided they satisfy the admission requirements;
  • students from EarlyBird schools or International Schools, provided they satisfy the admission requirements.

Admission criteria

In addition to the requirements set out in the placement guide, admission to Wolfert Bilingual is also subject to a number of other criteria:

  1. Both students and parents must support the concept of bilingual education.
  2. Compulsory participation in all activities, both curricular and extra-curricular.
  3. Parents must sign a covenant with the school, in which reciprocal expectations and obligations are clearly set out. Signing the registration form means that parents agree to participation in the full curriculum, including the compulsory extra-curricular activities;
  4. Support for the identity of the school: public education;
  5. Parents must sign the form relating to the annual compulsory parental contribution.

Placement test

The placement test is an integral part of the admission procedure for Wolfert Bilingual. This test helps the school determine in which level the student will start in year 1.


After the test there is an interview involving the parents, the student and a teacher, a team leader or the school principal. The admissions procedure also includes contact with the primary school.


Once this procedure has been completed, the school determines which students are admissible. The decision is then communicated to the parents and the prospective student.


The cost of the admissions procedure (placement test and interview) is € 10.