Parents’ Association, contact parents and host parents

Wolfert Bilingual offers education that has the support of caring parents. The school cordially invites parents to discuss questions and suggestions. There are a number of platforms for this, including the Parents’ Association and the contact parents.

Parents’ Association


The Parents’ Association committee consist of around 10 – 13 members; it is made up of parents who are keen to be involved with bilingual education within the Wolfert van Borselen School Group.


The committee meets around 6 – 8 times per year, together with representatives from the school management. The committee’s objective is to represent the interests of parents and students and to constantly seek to improve bilingual education at Wolfert van Borselen. After each meeting a short summary of proceedings is published on the website.

Participation Council

One member of the Parents’ Association committee also sits on the participation council of the Wolfert van Borselen School Group.

Parent participation

Within the Parents’ Association there is a parent participation committee. This committee consists of contact parents who are tasked with communication in and out of the classroom. In the lower school, each class has a contact parent. They are responsible for encouraging parents to get involved in meetings and events organised by the school.

Contact and host parents


Contact parents set up communications between the parents in their child’s class, the mentor and team leaders to deal with minor matters relating to day-to-day activities in school and in the class.

They meet with the other contact parents three times each year.

In addition, host parents offer assistance during evening activities at school. These evenings are arranged and discussed during the meetings with the contact parents. Two contact parents have a specific role: the chairman (who also sits in the Parents’ Association) and the secretary (who organises the activity calendar and send reminders to host parents).

The role of contact parent allows parents who are interested to be involved in their child’s school. A contact parent has no say or power of decision in the policy or the running of the school.


You can contact the school on or via the contact parent for your child’s class.


Wolfert Bilingual organises a range of evening activities in order to inform interested parties. Assistance from parents in hosting these evenings is always greatly appreciated.

Their role is to provide tea and coffee and a friendly welcome. Helping in this way allows parents to get to know the school better and to exchange experiences with others.