At Wolfert Bilingual every student has a mentor. The mentor monitors the student’s well-being and academic progress. The mentor of course also teaches the student. The mentor is the first point of contact for both student and parents. In the lower school the timetable includes a weekly mentor lesson.

Students in Year 1 are also assigned a junior mentor. This is a student from a higher year whose task is to provide assistance.

In Year 3 the mentor plays in key role in preparing to select a profile.

Career counsellor

The career counsellor helps students and their parents with choices that are crucial for the student’s future, such as choosing a profile and orientation towards higher education or career.

In conjunction with the mentor, the career counsellor offers guidance on educational and career choices. During the course of their school career students have a number of interviews with the career counsellor. The counsellor can also offer information and assistance regarding higher education.

The counsellor at Wolfert Bilingual is Ms Julia Hamilton. She can be contacted at