Bilingual havo

Wolfert Bilingual offers a challenging curriculum for all havo-students. Our school offers special exam courses such as Spanish, Chinese, drama and philosophy.

At Wolfert Bilingual, students discuss political discourse during their classes. Furthermore, Wolfert Bilingual offers a continuous and transcendental trajectory in which political awareness and student participation is key. For example, our havo-students take part in the Model European Partliament (MEP). For this reason, debating plays a central role in the students’ education.

Furthermore, all bilingual havo-students take part in the Cambridge IGSCE exam Global Perspectives and they participate in the International Baccalaureate (IB) English Certificate exam. Through this exam, students are taught to think critically, to write papers and to compare texts. Havo-students do not only obtain their bilingual havo-diploma, but internationally recognised certificates too.

Moreover, all bilingual students participate in a diverse international programme. In (t)havo-2, students travel to Bath (England). In (t)havo-3, all students participate in an international exchange programme. During this exchange, which usually takes place in Spain, they will be introduced to the Spanish culture and everyday life.

During the pre-final year, all (t)havo-4 students participate in the international social internship (iMas). Through this internship they will actively contribute to society by doing volunteer work. The students can choose from a variety of destinations, such as Macedonia, Bosnia, Romania, India and Indonesia.

Wolfert houses

At Wolfert Bilingual, the havo department uses the houses-system. Through this system, students are rewarded and stimulated in different competences (cognitive competences, as well as social skills). The school, as well as the students, have positive experiences with the houses-system. The students enjoy being praised and being awarded merit points.

The houses-system encourages students to improve their social skills, such as social acceptance, creating a social environment and developing social awareness.

Wolfert Bilingual Houses

  1. APPEL. House leaders: ms. Marijana Zivanovic and mr. Arnold Bos. House colour: RED
  2. BANKSY. House leaders: mr. Lars Scholten and ms. Franke Schuurmans. House colour: PURPLE
  3. DALI. House leaders: ms. Sheila Cooper and ms. Rebecca Wilton. House colour: GREEN
  4. GAUDI. House leaders: ms. Marion Clay and mr. Kenneth van der Veere. House colour: YELLOW

Merit Points

During the school year, students can earn merit points for their house. These points are rewarded to the students for winning a tournament (collaboration), paying extra attention and contributing to the lessons (motivation), working in the laboratory in a responsible manner (responsibility), helping a teacher (selflessness), showing progression (perseverance) and/or displaying examplary behaviour (personal growth), et cetera.