Monday the 18th of June 13 very exited students from 1C and their parents gathered in front of the Stena Line Terminal in Hoek van Holland (The Hook) ready to leave for England.

Although the sea was calm we had a pretty rough first night  . It was all so much fun and so exciting that 1C thought it a waste of time to actually go to sleep. Luckily we were served with a good full English breakfast to start the day off.

After we left the boat in the morning we caught the train to Cambridge. Luckily this was quite a long tjourney so we could doze off during the trip. After checking in at the Youth Hostel in Cambridge we headed off to Cambridge centre where we enjoyed a great tour of the city. All in English, and we are proud to say that not only did everybody seem to understand it, but they also asked some really good questions..  After dinner we topped the day off with an English pub quiz in the hostel garden.

By then everybody was so worn out that we all slept well the second night and could really enjoy our next day in Cambridge. First we went punting in the morning and after our picknick lunch we visited the very impressive Fitzwiliam museum. Last but not least the students all practised their English during the “trading game”. It was amazing to see what the kids came back with!

Alas all good things come to an end and after our evening meal (all ordered in English off course!) we had to travel back to Holland. After once again a good nights rest and a delicious English breakfast, it was then time to say our goodbyes and return 1C back into their parents care.

All in all it was a fantastic (and educative) experience which I’m sure has made a lasting impression on the students from 1C!